Latent Heat2Comfort Technologies (H2C) specializes in instant, portable and non-electric products that provide heat for comfort and convenience. Our products are a result of applied research and product development efforts of a dedicated team at Parisodhana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. H2C is your one stop shop for portable products to address your heating/warming needs.

Our proprietary heating technology is a unique blend of electrochemistry, heat transfer and packaging concepts.

Products based on this platform technology are manufactured using environment friendly ingredients and are safe to discard after use along with dry domestic waste.

Our products are simple to use- Just tear open the external packet, expose the inside pouch to air, shake it and experience the warmth.


StayWarm, the first product launched by H2C, provides lasting and comfortable warmth without any need for power supply or batteries. Palm-size pouches, that conveniently fit in pockets, gloves, or shoes provide 6-8 hours of warmth. The product performs well in all kinds of situations: at home, office or outdoors, whether it is going to office or having fun and adventure at a ski resort. StayWarm helps you beat the chill and assists you travel/work with ease. Do not burn coal or wood and cause environmental pollution, just use StayWarm as your personal heater..

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M/S Het Ram Vinay Kumar
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Jammu and Kashmir - 194101, India.
Ph.No. : 01982-252160 e-mail: nitinhrvk@gmail.com

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NeoWarm - Life Saving Warm Blanket is instant, portable, non-electric, ready to use, and air-activated warm blanket that is designed specifically to support premature, low birth weight newborn children to maintain thermoneutral temperature during transport. Based on air-activated heating technology (patents pending) of Parisodhana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Hyderabad, Telangana, India), NeoWarm® is ready for use in less than 15 minutes simply upon exposure to air. Once activated, the newborn child can be supported by NeoWarm® without the use of any electricity, hot water or expensive equipment for up to 8 hours. After use, heating element made with all non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients, can be safely disposed of with solid waste. Globally, NeoWarm® is first of its kind that is truly instant and does not require any activation using electricity or hot water and the product does not require any skilled health worker.

Expert Testimonials

Dr. Harshad Vaidya

Alka Multispecialty Hospital, Kheralu, Gujarat, India

Dr. Chanu

Manipur, India

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Latent Heat2Comfort Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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Ph: +91-9099923691; E-mail: neowarm@heat2comfort.com

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Feeding Bottle Warmer

Parisodhana’s Bottle Warmer delivers heat on demand to warm fluids (generally milk or water) in a bottle. It is directed to solve the needs of delivering on demand warm fluids (milk or water) to feed a hungry baby while on the move or any individual requiring warm fluid or heat a cold fluid to tepid conditions. The Bottle Warmer increases the temperature of the contents (200ml of milk/water)up to 20 degrees C within 10 minutes. Both, the target temperature rise and the quantity of fluid to be warmed, can be altered to suite the user requirement. Like other products based on our platform technology, the Bottle Warmer is instant, easy to use, convenient, portable and is suitable for any mode of travel (air, land or sea) or outdoor situations: going for movie, camping or trekking or just hanging out with friends. We expect to launch the Bottle Warmer by Mid-2018.

These products currently under development at Parisodhana Technologies Pvt. Ltd.




Whether in an emergency or simply running late, our products activate instantly and lasts for hours.



Small, compact and convenient on the run and usable across many terrains and situations.



Reliable, stable and safe to use, providing users with peace of mind and comfort.

eco friendly


The world is a beautiful place and our products help us to keep it that with easy disposal and non-polluting material.

User Friendly


Designed with you in mind, it is easy for anyone to use and made to fit any lifestyle.


Made In India

Our products are conceptualized, designed and produced locally and ethically.  

What our customers say...

Suryaprakash Annavajjula

"Since 15 years I have back pain . L4 . L5. Disc prolapsed and degenerated the tissue.  I used  the ThermAid product three packets. It is very excellent product to work on pains with out any side effect . I am thankful to manufacturers of this product .  Using of ThermAid product getting more and long time relaxation."

Dr. Krishna Muvvala

About ThermAid:

"Mom and Dad both were more than happy for this...as  no need of boiling water. Heat that is sufficient to relieve pain so they were happy"

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